Mission Statement

The purpose of our ministry is to compel, encourage, nurture and enlighten people with the Word of God through love and compassion to develop a personal relationship with Christ Jesus as their Savior. We are committed to equipping Christians with tools/weapons that allow them to walk victorious in everyday life by maintaining Godly principles.

About Us

We are a ministry where the Love of God welcomes you at the door and His Presence embraces you as our Family.

We are a community of Holy Spirit filled believers who walk in obedience to the Word of God demonstrating the fruits of righteousness.

We are a ministry that is comprised of anointed Christians with diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds each complementing the building up of the Body of Christ.

We present the Word of God in a clear simple message as the source of salvation and direction to victorious living in every facet of life. 

We are a people of purpose committed to love one another, sanctified and called to be and give praise, honor and worship to the Most High God.

We are a church that empowers and inspires its members to grow toward spiritual maturity and to discover and develop their gifts/talents to serve God and support the ministry.

We are an established Christ-centered church ministry operating in the spirit of excellence to meet and support the fellowship of the congregation and various needs of people within our community. 


We are a spiritual hospital whose staff is led by the Holy Spirit where anyone in need seeking comfort, healing and deliverance can find God's love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement.
We are a ministry that focuses on the development of Christian leaders in the Word and spiritual maturity.


We are a ministry that strategically purchases other property and buildings in order to support growth and enlarge our capacity to meet and service the needs within the community.

We are a ministry that is empowered to develop and plant businesses to meet consumer needs thereby creating greater self-sustaining financial support to the Church and its critical initiatives.

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