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Anointed Praise

The Mission Church adult choir, Anointed Praise, is one of the most vital ministries within the Church. Committed to the task of filling the atmosphere with worship, Anointed Praise endeavors to sing under an invigorating anointing, which flows only from the presence of Almighty God. It is this anointing that is said to destroy the yoke of bondage, which oppresses so many individuals today. By lifting up their voices, with a pure and sincere heart, Anointed Praise justly provokes the Glory of God to abide in his sanctuary. Principally, we seek to magnify and make known the greatness of our God among the people, thereby compelling them to offer up the worship and praise that's due his name.

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Men's Ministry

A Christian brotherhood, the Mighty Men of Mission seek to promote fellowship and camaraderie among men within the church. Fundamentally, our principal objective is to spiritually equip men with the necessary tools to be primary role models and leaders within their families, as well as the church and community. We strive to be positive examples to other men. Above all, we endeavor to show that the love of Christ, and submission to His will, does not obstruct our masculinity, but rather, it defines our manhood.

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Spiritual Development Ministries

Our Sunday School and Bible Study ministries are centered on leading believers into spiritual maturity, and developing their spiritual gifts through expository teaching of the Word of God. We also offer training and development for aspiring Ministers of the Gospel through Minister in Training (MIT) sessions.

Youth Ministry

Jesus said “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me…” The youth ministries here at Mission Church aim to instill within our youth the knowledge Christ, and reverent fear of the Lord God. Through various groups and activities, such as Drama, Praise Dance, Youth Choir, and Youth Bible Studies, we work toward providing various opportunities for young people to be involved within the church, and express themselves creatively. Mostly, we seek to establish and develop the spiritual foundation of our youth at an early age. We realize that they are not only the church of tomorrow, but in actuality, they are the church of today.

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Prayer Mission

A prayer life is essential for the spiritual growth of all Christians.  Prayer Mission is a ministry comprised of individuals who are steadfast in spiritually maturing through their prayer relationships with the Lord. Furthermore, its members are committed to performing various missionary assignments within the community and abroad.  Prayer Mission has proven to be a pillar within the church, notably through upholding the congregation via daily intercessory prayer services. Ultimately, we understand prayer to be a most vital tool for establishing and maintaining effective Christian lives.

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Woman's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry here at Mission Church undoubtedly aims to encourage the spiritual growth, personal development, and the leadership qualities of women within the church, and surrounding communities. We aspire to create an atmosphere that nurtures genuine fellowship among women. This ministry is comprised of women of different age groups, and different backgrounds. Through experiential knowledge, and primarily, the Word of God, we endeavor to empower women to live the victorious life that God has promised.

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